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Andreja Cicak

eCommerce Marketing Specialist

Andreja Cicak

eCommerce Marketing Specialist's job is perfect for curious Andreja! Challenges of lifting up and improving brand’s online reputation and attracting new customers through SEO, Usability, AdWords and Analytics push her to learn more and more each day.

Certifications and awards are not strange to her. Besides Google and Digital Marketing certifications, her learning and contributing effort is also recognised in formal education. Andreja is an author of seven publications and honoured by the University and Dean for great success.

After college, Andreja worked as a Marketing Assistant at IT Company, where she created and performed marketing strategy. On her professional journey, there was also a short trip to freelance waters as a Content writer, Copywriter, SEO analyst and Creative Marketer while following the rules of the almighty Google.

Talking about short trips, they are hers favourite weekend occupation. She is “just drive, no matter where” type. eCommerce makes her happy, both at work and at home. As someone who enjoys online shopping so much, whenever something she ordered arrives, makes her feel like it’s her birthday! Andreja is also a huge Marvel, Star Wars and Star Trek fan.

  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google AdWords Search Certified
  • Google AdWords Display Certified
  • Google AdWords Shopping Certified
  • Google Adwords Mobile Certified
  • Google AdWords Video Certified
  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

Latest posts by Andreja Cicak

SEO Checklist for Magento 2 Migration

June 2020 brings us many changes since Magento 1 support is coming to an end. Whether you’re considering building a new store on Magento 2, or you have already started the transition, there are (more than) a few things to keep in mind to ensure your traffic and (more importantly) revenue doesn’t get lost during the migration.

Migration to Magento 2 is stressful for every store owner, but the change is inevitable. We have already prepared a list of the most common SEO mistakes during the migration, but we wanted to do more, so we decided to create this SEO checklist to make your transition as smooth as possible. Continue reading

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