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Maja Kardum

Strategic Partnerships Officer

Maja Kardum

At Inchoo, we care for our clients. Being one of the links in long-term relationships we grow with our merchants, Maja is here to establish and nurture value-aligned partnerships that focus on common goals and complementary strengths that solve complex challenges merchants and eCommerce industry are facing daily.

Maja has degrees in information science and marketing management, and Master's degree in PR. Before Partnerships, for 6 years she was the voice behind all of our community channels, as our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. Bonus fact: she’s was the one that was writing Inchooers’ profile descriptions.

Her family has a tradition that they spend a part of their weekend outdoors, mostly hiking and feeding forest animals in the forest near their house. She loves to buy and read books, especially non-fiction and travel guides. Gossip magazines amuse her, but hair coloring is her passion.

  • Google Analytics Certified

Latest posts by Maja Kardum

Our UX designers are trained and certified by Nielsen Norman Group! What does it mean for us and our clients?

With great pride, we can announce that our designers Marko and Zoran have earned their UX certification after a demanding and exhausting program with the leaders in user experience, Nielsen Norman Group! And we must state that they are the first designers from Croatia who can proudly wear their NN/g UX certification badge.

Want to know more about the whole training and certification program, and the key benefits it brings to our designers and our clients?

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