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Maja Kardum

Marketing and Communications Officer

Creating, overseeing and executing Inchoo’s marketing campaigns, publications, and media presence are in Maja’s hands. As our website manager, writing the content for services we offer, portfolio items, and overall content on our pages, make a great deal of her ongoing occupations. Of course, she’s not alone in that battle. Aron and Zrinka have her back, and she’s working closely with our other departments. She’s also the voice behind all of our community channels, as our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Maja has degrees in information science and marketing management, and Master's degree in PR. All the way through college, she was working in communication. First in telecommunications, and then in leading Croatian digital and PR agencies.

Her family has a tradition that they spend a part of their weekend outdoors, mostly hiking and feeding forest animals in the forest near their house. She loves to buy and read books, especially non-fiction and travel guides. Gossip magazines amuse her. Her passion is hair coloring. Bonus fact: she’s the one that’s writing Inchooers’ profile descriptions.

  • Google Analytics Certified

Latest posts by Maja Kardum

Reinventing the running game for a German retailer shop4runners

Shop4runners and Inchoo go way back together. In 2014, we started the support of the existing site for these running experts. In 2015, the support leveled up to the point where we modified the existing theme to make it more responsive alongside cleaning the project from numerous core rewrites and bad practices. Their Magento 1.6.2. store was stable, but couldn’t stay that way for too long. After years of operations without performing a major upgrade, the technical debt became too high. It needed a boost! Continue reading

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