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Maja Kokolari

Sales and Marketing Team Leader

Maja Kokolari

As a Sales Manager here at Inchoo, Maja is helping our potential clients to convert their wishes, expectations and needs into a desired project. Alongside the rest of our sales department, she is defining and implementing new business strategies in order to identify opportunities for new markets and services that we offer.

It’s a great thing that one of Maja’s previous jobs was in accounting. Her knowledge and keeping up to date with latest laws and regulations really comes handy for her everyday work here. Education is very important to her, and she is constantly improving herself in business and online marketing topics. She traveled the world on cruise ships while working as a fully certified Yoga, Pilates and Spinning instructor. She plans to return to cruisers and travel, but only as a guest.

Her guilty pleasure is to chill after a busy day drinking red wine and watching Netflix. Stand-up comedians and their performances are her favourite type of shows. And chick-flicks. But shhh, don’t tell anybody! Since her teenage years, she always wanted to be a part of IT. Although she didn’t see how that would be possible, since she’s not a developer, here she is. In IT, but in sales - a great position for someone who truly loves technology, but is also great with people and understanding their needs.

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