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Marko Brisevac

Lead Designer

Marko Brisevac

Delivering beautiful and user friendly design in collaboration with our developers in effort to make Inchoo’s visual solutions for clients recognizable – that's Marko's action mission and Sketch is his weapon.

Although he has a degree in Financial management, design was always his true love. During high school and college, Marko worked as a freelance programmer and designer. After graduation, he started a firm with his partner where they created visual web solutions and mobile apps for clients all over the world, from small presentation pages to complex web apps and shops.

Marko was active in different sports – tennis, running, fitness and football. Now that energy is redirected in play-time with his daughter and son. Besides design (from product and web to interior design) sport is still his favourite topic to talk about and he ignores politic discussions. He enjoys traveling and trying out local gastronomy and hopes to visit Ireland one day.

Latest posts by Marko Brisevac

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As a website owner, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and money in development, UI design, marketing etc. But what was the last time you asked yourself questions like: “How easy is for users to find what they are looking for? What frustrates them? How do they feel and will they come back?”

Online shopping went through a dramatic transformation in the last few years. The responsive design is adopted and it is needless to say mobile is important in 2018, so what’s the next big thing? Continue reading

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