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Marko Brisevac


Delivering beautiful and user friendly design in collaboration with our developers in effort to make Inchoo’s visual solutions for clients recognizable – that's Marko's action mission and Sketch is his weapon.

Although he has a degree in Financial management, design was always his true love. During high school and college, Marko worked as a freelance programmer and designer. After graduation, he started a firm with his partner where they created visual web solutions and mobile apps for clients all over the word, from small presentation pages to complex web apps and shops.

Marko was active in different sports – tennis, running, fitness and football. Now that energy is redirected in play-time with his daughter. Besides design (from product and web to interior design) sport is still his favourite topic to talk about and he ignores politic discussions. He enjoys traveling and trying out local gastronomy and hopes to visit Ireland one day.

Latest posts by Marko Brisevac

How to keep design library in sync across the team? Welcome Sketch Libraries!

The buzz these days is all about design systems, but design system by itself is not enough to ensure consistency through all designs. When working with design systems, the main challenges are ongoing maintenance and informing everyone about the changes.

For a long time, there wasn’t a thorough solution for designers who design in Sketch which would provide easy access to the latest styles and propagate changed assets to team members. Yeah, we had the ability to share symbols via plugins for a while (Craft’s Library), but there were too many problems, and sharing library is too important to rely on a third-party plugin. Continue reading

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