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Tea Pisac Benes

eCommerce Consultant

Tea Pisac Benes

Tea joined us after a diverse set of jobs that took her from customer service, office administration, B2C and B2B sales and back. She is not afraid of embarking on new experiences, starting from scratch and working hard - and this is exactly the spirit that brought her to Inchoo and her current job.

Tea completed her Master's Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Osijek and she's now focusing her professional interests on all things digital, with special emphasis on SEO and usability in eCommerce as she loves doing the work where her actions can make a positive, meaningful impact on clients and coworkers.

She enjoys outdoor activities and her adventurous personality can get in full swing all year long - you'll often find her cycling, hiking or playing tennis, and even during the winter she doesn't stay still (or warm for that matter) as she loves to go for a good snowboarding ride.

Latest posts by Tea Pisac Benes

How to set up Google Shopping promotion: Magento 2 & Google Merchant Center side

Thinking about how to make your products stand out from the crowd and be more visible on Google Shopping? You are already familiar with that “special offer” link that can be added to Google Shopping listing but aren’t really sure how to set everything up to get one?

Digging for some meaningful, usable and easy to follow guide that would cover all the steps you need but won’t overwhelm you at the same time because of tons of options? Search no more!

We have been in Magento and Google Ads business for quite some time. That’s why we know how time-consuming it can be to set the promotion you want while staying aligned with Google’s guidelines. Continue reading

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