Online Marketing

Inchoo is now a Google Partner

Inchoo is a 7-year-old.

Pretty successful and prominent one, but still, a 7-year-old. In business years, that’s a fine number. During our lifetime, we worked on numerous projects, participated and spoke at many conferences, and earned a lot of certificates and recognition.

Newest one is the Google Partner badge.

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No words, but Instagram talks

Being well aware of the fact that 300 million people exist on only one social platform isn’t enough. Instagram is taking the lead in customer retention and engagement so listen carefully when I say – if eCommerce and social media aren’t married already, they soon will be so here are a few ways, like in good ol’ times, of taking the advantage of the marriage.

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Making 300 million people count for your business

There is a good old saying stating that one picture is worth a thousand words. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger very quickly became a world class proof of combining good quotes with even better business results.

So, why are creators and co founders of a constantly rising phone app, Instagram, and the surrounding mist of statistics to be trusted? More importantly, what does that have to do with eCommerce? How to break the rules or make a few new ones by showing up on the photo radar of 300 million users.

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